High Efficiency Water-based Sealant
High Solid Water-based Sealant
Chengzhong Water-soluble Sealant



High Efficiency Water-based Sealant

1,The coating is transparent, lustrous, wear resistant and corrosion resistant.
2.The solvent is water, convenient for transporation, good for health and environmentally firendly.

1,Protection of ferrous metal and seal treatment of decorative coatings.RNⅡ-86
2,Anti-blushing treatment of the brass-plated.
3,Anti-blushing treatment of the copper, copper alloy and silver-plated coating.
4,Seal treatment of surface oxidization and anodization treatment of other metals.

has been widely applied to the protection of the houdehold appliances, daily hardware, telecommunication apparatus, electric lighting, metal crafts, vehicles and spare parts for sewing machines as well as protection of decorative coatings.

1,Mixing ratio(volume)
Sealant: ionic water 1:1
2,Temperature:Room temperature(20-35°C)
3,Dry the spare parts in ambient temperature after dipping, or bake in 80-100 for 20-30 minutes.The liquid should be mixed uniformlu prior to use.

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